Anthology Update

booksThis post is long overdue! Our apologies to those of you who have not heard from us in the past few months. We were on an unplanned hiatus due to life events, but we are back and moving forward!

To all those who submitted their pieces for the print anthology, if you have not heard back from us yet, it means your piece is still under consideration.

Andrea and I have both had some big life changes around in the past few months, and had to take a break from Balaustine for a little while. Full disclosure: I’ve recently become a mother to a beautiful and extremely demanding little girl, but that has not diminished my commitment to this project; if anything, it’s served to make me more determined to see this book through and continue to create a space on this website for anyone who finds themselves outside the ‘easy’ or traditional route to conception. Continue reading

One woman’s story of “unexplained infertility”

I came across this from Monday’s issue of the Charlotte Observer and wanted to share it with our readers. In honor of National Infertility Awareness Week, Fran Meadows, the author of the book The Truth Behind The Secret “Infertility”,  shared her story with the Charlotte Observer.

She writes of her frustrating diagnosis of “unexplained fertility” (which basically means the doctors can find nothing wrong with you and have no idea what’s causing your infertility), several rounds of IVF and the heartbreak of a late-term loss at 25 weeks before finally having a successful pregnancy. Continue reading